Why Is My Hair Falling Out?

When i pull my hair, it falls out easily, why?

The average person loses anywhere from 50-150 hairs every day. The type if hair you have dictates how much hair loss is normal for you. By now, if you’ve been washing and styling your hair, you should have an idea of how much hair you lose each day. If this amount seems to be growing, you may want to take a look at what has changed to make this happen. Here are some answers to the question, “Why is My Hair Falling Out?”

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You could be over styling your hair. The external damage you are doing to your hair by over styling it will make your hair break. A way to check the health of your hair is to pull one out strand and look at the end.

If there is a root bulb you’re probably healthy! If you think your hair is falling out due to excessive styling, try to avoid heated styling tools a few days a week, use a thermal protecting product, or turn the settings down on your hair dryer.

It could be your genes. This cause of hair loss is very common and affects 70% of women and 95% of men. It affects all ethnicities and can be inherited from the father or the mother’s side.

Don’t worry; it is easily treatable with high success rates. If you think this might be you, check with your stylist to see if they’ve also seen a trend in your hair loss and check in with your doctor.

You might be stressed out. Yes, stress can cause hair loss. Haven’t you ever see the photo of the stressed mom pulling out her hair? Well, it’s probably falling out too. A stressful event or long term stress can cause hair shedding because it sends the hair into a forced resting state.

Sometimes, you don’t even realize you are losing hair until 2-4 months after the event occurs. If this is your case, try relaxing with some aromatherapy.

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There are lots of other reasons your hair could be falling out like menopause, scalp conditions, hypothyroidism, nutritional deficiencies, or sometimes it’s the medication you are on.

No matter what the case is, if you notice a change you should check with your doctor to make sure everything is OK. Sometimes what’s going on with your scalp can be an indicator of something else that may be going on.

It’s important to take care of you scalp as it sets the stage for healthy hair. Try an at-home hair mask or treatment to keep your hair healthy. My favorite? Sebastian Drench Deep-Moisturizing Treatment.

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