The Dos & Don’ts of Hair and Make-Up with Glasses

dos and don't for hair and makeup with glasses

I’ve been a proud member of the glasses club for a few years now. I’ve reached the point I feel almost naked without my frames resting on my nose, and I love their ability to add sophistication and personality to my look–even if I’m wearing a hoodie and stressed out about deadlines. The drawback? Like with any major style change, new beauty rules come into play.

hairstyle with glasses

Here are some of the dos and don’ts for rocking glasses and making them an asset, not a hassle.

Don’t cover your entire face with glasses and hair.

Large glasses are an attention grabber, but so are thick, blunt bangs. While some ladies pull this off well (I’m looking at you, Zooey Deschanel), for others it can be overwhelming. Plus, as bangs grow, they’ll start getting in the way of your glasses, and there’s nothing very sexy about hair stuck to the insides of your frames. If you’re in the mood for bangs, think low-key. Shorter fringe, side swept or longer on-the-side bangs still give the effect you’re looking for while not being so competitive with your glasses, you will love these styles.

Case in point: While one of Jada’s favorite ladies Rashida Jones really does look fantastic all the time (how is that possible?), her side swept bangs are much more complimentary to her frames than the forehead covering fringe. Just remember to keep the bangs in check with a good holding spray, read more about how to Add More Shine To Your Hair

Don’t be afraid to play with color. 

There are absolutely no rules that say you can’t play with hair color when you’re sporting glasses. Just avoid being too matchy-matchy with shades.

Do play with your part. 

Parts are an easy way to transform your look with minimal effort and commitment. All parts are universally flattering next to glasses.

Don’t let your eyebrows get out of control.

makeup with glasses
makeup with glasses

Folks will naturally draw their eyes upward when you’re wearing glasses, so remember to keep your eyebrows in check. In addition, the larger the frames, the more likely they’re going to either magnify at least part of your eyebrows or fall right in line with them, making it more obvious if things are on the wild side.

Do choose eye-brightening shadows. 

Glasses often cast shadows on your eyes, meaning an extra need for bright, shimmery eye choices. Stick with neutrals, like white or champagne, or even pastels like lavender or soft rose. Shimmer shadows help reflect light, brightening your eye and catching people’s attention. The exception: grays, which play nicely with the shadows cast on your lids.

Don’t forget the eyeliner!

Eyeliner is the secret weapon to great glasses eye make-up. Try this smearproof eyeline by Sorme! The general rule of thumb is the thicker the frames, the thicker the line. If glasses are making your eyes look small, play up with high definition and boldly rimmed eyes. If glasses are making your eyes look big, use a thin line.

Do give your eyes a break by playing up your lips.

cute girl with glasses
cute girl with glasses

Natural, naked eyes are easy to pull off with glasses, as well. Since the glasses as visual intrigue on top, the lips become a great place to experiment. Try deep reds, hot pink and any other hot shade of the moment. The bolder the better, pulling attention away from the top half of your face.

Don’t cake on the make-up.

Paying special attention to your eyes is great, but don’t let things get out of hand. Since glasses can magnify, mistakes might be more noticeable. Clumpy mascara, cake-y concealer, eyeliner flecks, gunky eyeshadow–all are way more troublesome when their size is reflected back bigger and more visible.

Do consider the style of your glasses.

If you’re sporting more traditionally masculine frames, be sure to play up your feminine features with soft waves and pink tones in make-up. Retro styles like cat-eye frames are perfect for trying out retro looks, like red lips and lightly lined (or cat eye style) eyes with soft beige shadow.

Don’t forget to hydrate. 

Eye creams and moisturizers should be the glasses wearer’s best friends. Just as glasses can magnify your make-up slip-ups, they can magnify fine lines and puffiness. Be sure to keep your eyes in tip-top shape and get a good night’s sleep!

Do love the bun.

The classic top bun is always a chic ‘do, but it’s especially great when paired with glasses for a sophisticated look. While eyes are naturally drawn upward to your glasses, a nice high bun on top of the head will continue to draw the eye upward, also adding height while not competing with your glasses.

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