How to Transition Your Summer Skincare Routine to Fall

While summer time usually means the funnest of times, it also means that your skin has endured a lot. Your skin has encountered layers of sunscreen, heat, humidity and air conditioning all in just a few months. Now that fall is right around the corner, let me help you understand the effects that summer and fall have on the skin, the best way to cope and how to get your skin ready for for the new season!

Skincare Routine

Effects of Summer Heat and Sun on The Skin

As temperatures climb over the summer, a number of skin problems can arise. No skin type is immune! Unfortunately heat, humidity, and air conditioning cause dehydration, irritation, clogged pores, and red, roughened skin.

Here’s how:

Heat causes an overall increase in oil production and sweat. This results in a shiny complexion, makeup vanishing or “sliding” off and clogged pores. Often times a pimple (or two) will rear its ugly head!
Rosacea sufferers often experience flare-ups with heat and sun exposure.

Sun overexposure and sunburns cause immediate redness. Over time this leads to lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and uneven skin tone.
Air-conditioners used to beat the heat can cause skin to become dry, dehydrated and irritated, which exacerbates dry and sensitive skin types.

As summer draws to a close say good-bye to breakouts, shiny complexions, and red, dehydrated looking skin! But beware, summer time skin woes can be replaced by fall ones if you don’t pay attention to your skin.

Fall Effects on the Skin

In the fall, when weather cools, humidity adjusts and outdoor adventures are shelved, oil and sweat production typically slows down. Oily, combination and acne-prone skin types rejoice given the reprieve from endless breakouts and shine. Rosacea and sensitive skin types also experience relief as the persistent heat, redness and irritation begins to subside.

Now’s the time to commit to a skincare routine that will smoothly transition your summer skin regimen to fall.

1. Exfoliate


Sunscreens, oil, sweat, dead skin cells and debris accumulate over the summer. This can cause skin to appear dull, pores to clog, as well as prevent your serums and moisturizers from doing their job! Exfoliation is a must to slough away these offenders!

If you skipped exfoliating over the summer for fear of exposing fresh skin to the sun, or due to your skin being sensitized from time spent outdoors, don’t fret. You can start now to unclog pores, brighten and smooth your skin!

Hint: If you are sensitive or have rosacea and have refrained from scrubs for fear they irritate your skin, banish that thought! Timeless By Pevonia’s Gentle Foaming Scrub not only exfoliates, but will actually reduce redness and sensitive tendencies.

Bonus: Exfoliation also stimulates cell turnover and the production of collagen and elastin, which is a must for anyone wanting to keep their skin looking youthful.

2. Ditch the sulfates and alcohol

Ditch the sulfates and alcohol
Ditch the sulfates and alcohol

If your cleanser contains sodium laurel sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate, stop using it now. Sulfates break down proteins, dry out the skin and cause irritation. This is a no-no year round, as this can lead to aging. It is especially important as air gets cooler and skin tends to dry out. Timeless By Pevonia’s Foaming Gel Cleanser is sulfate-free, so you can cleanse worry free!

Read your toner label, too. If your toner contains any form of alcohol, put it in your first aid box where alcohol belongs – not on your face! Alcohol dehydrates the skin which can cause rebound oil in oily skin, contribute to aging for all, and aggravate skin prone to sensitivity and dryness.

3. Simmer Down

If your skin is a little irritated from too much fun in the sun, choose products with calming ingredients. Ingredients like horse chestnut, arnica, panthenol, anti-allergenic jonquil essential oil and chamomile. These ingredients are readily available in the entire line of Timeless By Pevonia products.

4. Replenish and Repair

Put back what the sun stole from you! The sun breaks down vital skin proteins (collagen, elastin) and hyaluronic acid. These proteins must be replenished if we want to win the war on aging.

Choose products that contain high concentrations of marine collagen, marine elastin, caviar, and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients are highly compatible with human skin, meaning that they penetrate deeper for maximum skin repair. Timeless By Pevonia’s Radiant Skin Toner, Collagen Serum, Eye Contour Serum, and Collagen Moisturizer do just that. Plus, the marine collagen and hyaluronic acid in all these products will intensely boost your hydration, which has been compromised by drying air conditioners. Find more beauty tips on cite base.

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